Fifty is not a Four-Letter Word - Style Advice for Fashion-Conscious Women Over 50
What to Wear at 60+
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
Grown up and gorgeous at 60+
Women in their 60s such as Dame Helen Mirren (the poster girl for grown-up girls), Twiggy and Joanna Lumley are living proof that it is possible to become more glamorous with age. It is all down to clever age-appropriate dressing and wearing pieces that flatter the body shape.
Fashion over 50 and 60 is the time to opt for more classic pieces in simple but well-cut styles rather than go for fussy clothing. Frills and fussy lines are instantly ageing, whereas clean cuts look chic and stylish the more a woman gets older. Stay away from prim suits, ditsy florals and country flowers and go for bold graphic, geometric prints, or stripes and polka dots.
This is the time when a woman can carry off strong colors such as purples, reds and blues in hues that flatter her skintone. Color Me Younger (Hamlyn 2008) by the Color Me Beautiful team is one of the best style guides for understanding how to achieve a youthful radiance in your 60s. Learn to experiment with colour, such as a deep red or teal blue, to brighten up your image.
What to Wear in Your 60s
At 60+ it is the upper arms and the neckline that tends to to show the most signs of ageing. This is the time to invest in some gorgeous silk scarves, shrugs and pashminas, and tops and dresses with sleeves. However, trying to find a wide choice of styles with sleeves can be a nightmare, and is a common gripe of many 60+ women.
Go for pieces which disguise problem areas, such as a three-quarter sleeve to disguise flabby arms, or an empire line or daped cut to hide a flabby stomach. Heavy denier opaque tights can make thick legs look slim and shapely, and opt for a square-neck or scoop neckline to flatter that décolletage. If you are self-conscious about your neck, however, then stay away from overstated jewellery, such as a statement neckace, that will actually draw attention to your neckline.
Keep your figure in proportion by following the top and bottom rule, this means baring skin on your upper or lower body, but not both. When wearing a dress or skirt with a short hemline then your arms should be covered. Conversely, if  you are showing some cleavage, then make sure your hemline is somewhat more demure, finishing just below the knee.
"You can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life."
Coco Chanel.
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